ΠΛΑΤΕΙΑ.Online is an aspiring internet plaza that connects casual netizens with each other while offering edge news, insights, education and community sanctuaries in the forms of group chats, private working groups, servers and more.

Elevate your online experience to new heights with ΠΛΑΤΕΙΑ.Online, a new virtual internet plaza that seamlessly blends the latest in news, insightful perspectives, immersive education, and secure community connections.

As the virtual landscape rapidly evolves, we’re here to redefine connectivity by offering dynamic native group chats, private collaborative spaces, curated Discord servers, and specialized task forces, all designed to empower casual netizens and passionate enthusiasts alike to thrive in the modern digital age.

Welcome to a platform where innovation meets interaction, and where being part of a vibrant online community is more enriching and engaging than ever before.

Please note, that this is a one-man effort by @rosspeili hence the development of the platform takes analogous time. Anyone can get involved in building, maintaining, contributing, and participating as an author, content creator, dev, or anything you think could bring value to the broader internet community via Plateia.Online.

You can leave feedback via the Contact Form or apply for a native account here. Auto-accounts are not available yet as I don’t trust third-party providers and my PHP skills suck.

Members are tiered based on WP Roles (Subscriber, Contributor, Author, Editor, Admin).

Getting a Subscriber role is the easiest one, and it allows you to comment on posts, reacts with emojis, and bookmark posts for now. You don’t need to apply for this role, just regularly claim it.

A Contributor can suggest posts, among other initiatives, and work on drafts but is unable to publish them. That is ideal for PR teams who want to publish something on Plateia for free or for community members who have ideas or requests for posts and other material. As long as your suggestion is not biased and it adheres to our community guidelines, you should be able to get it approved in no time.

An Author is a core PLATEIA contributor who can issue and publish posts without restrictions or supervision. Your application will be thoroughly examined before you are granted this role, and you’ll have to fill in a good reason as to why you want to get involved and how.

An Editor, naturally is someone who can issue and publish without supervision, but also edit posts, including past posts and posts from other Authors. Editors are sort of the internet plaza police of PLATEIA 🤭

Finally, I am the Admin, who has all rights including revoking memberships or changing member status. Problem?

Community Guidelines

  • Do not straight up copy-paste articles from accredited media outlets and repost them in Plateia without citing the original publication with a visible link.
  • Do not overshill your project, service, and/or product unless the community genuinely enjoys it and it is a proposition that makes the internet a better place and not just a cash grab.
  • The main topics are
    • Technopolitics, (Technology, Science, Market, Politics, etc.)
    • Internet Plaza, (Metaverse, Web3, VR, Gadgets, Remote Work, etc.) and
    • Media & Entertainment. (Movies, Music, Art, NFTs, Gaming, etc.)
  • Secondary topics should have a direct relation to one of the above. Eg. you wanna post something about your local economy, a new Drone startup, or an Opinion piece around Crowdfunding. These might seem off-topic at first glimpse but they all fit under Technopolitics and Internet Plaza.
  • Make sure you fill in all the blanks required in a post form, except those auto-filled by the Plateia WP Theme template, such as page format, widgets, side-bars, etc. Chose a catchy high quality featured image, as well as media and links inside the body itself. Pick your categories and add as many tags as you like before submitting a draft. Don’t worry if you didn’t fill everything. An editor will make sure your piece is sound before publishing it.
  • Authors and Editors should be extra cautious about the above.


I honestly have no clue where this is gonna lead. I guess it’s up to us and the vibes. The general idea was to get away from Twitter, not to an alternative social like Insta, Threads, TikTok, etc. but to something more organic and productive as in the old days.

As an author who has published over 1k pieces, I find it frustrating that there are literally 0 News operators out there that allow for comments, knowing that most engagement posts are extremely biased and people will rant with unhappy comments all the time.

We are bringing open comments and discussion across all posts and sections of the platform, and I am currently working on integrating live chats, DMs, and group chats, similar to any social media to keep the convos going and create a sort of MSN, mIRC, mySpace vibe.

I have spent more than 95% of my life online, and I am pretty sure many of you do as well. There is a special relationship you cultivate with the internet and machinery over that time, and the goal of Plateia is to act as a safe haven for similar internet operators who are interested in where things lead and not just in what’s trending or marketing discrimination strategies to sell crap to each other.

I can only hope that slowly but surely this place will evolve into something nice, whether I get external help or not <3

Enjoy the stay. Any feedback is more than welcome.

Ross Peili