Infamous filesharing brand LimeWire re-emerged in 2022 as a music NFTs marketplace, going on to raise $10.4m in a token sale before signing a licensing deal with Universal Music Group.

Its new platform launched in July last year, but more recently LimeWire moved into Patreon-style artist-level subscriptions.

Now it’s added another layer: an ‘AI Creator Studio‘ for people to create AI-generated images, audio and video. At the time of writing only the first of those is available, with the other two listed as ‘coming soon’.

LimeWire said that it will build a “vast library of licensed images, music, stems and instruments that people can use freely”, including encouraging musicians to upload their work – and then be paid royalties when it is used commercially.

LW is working with ubiquitous web3 outfit Polygon Labs on the initiative, noting that “all content pieces created in the studio will be automatically minted on the Polygon blockchain, including fully automated creator earnings on the LimeWire platform”.

Source: MusicAlly

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    1. klein re, egw 8a perimena na kanoun tpt sovaro me to name k ta fragka pou exoun, alla einai san na akous snoop dogg oro madona nfts = scam.

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