This week, Ordinals moved further into the mainstream after leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it would soon add support for the Bitcoin-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in its marketplace. Meanwhile, Miladys, the eerie, wide-eyed NFT project that has spawned a cult following, saw a brief spike in its floor price after Elon Musk tweeted out a meme featuring an avatar from the collection.

Plus, digital asset custodian Aegis Custody is offering free custodial services to women for six months, worth a total of $28,000, in order to make it easier for women to join Web3.

This Week’s Alpha

Binance dives into Bitcoin NFTs: Leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance will soon add support for Ordinals on its NFT marketplace, highlighting the growing demand for Bitcoin NFTs. The platform already offers support for NFTs built on Ethereum, Polygon and its native BNB Chain. To simplify the process, Binance will allow traders to buy Ordinals through their Binance accounts without having to set up a taproot-compatible Bitcoin wallet.

  • Bitcoin NFTs are going mainstream: Popular NFT marketplace Magic Eden recently expanded support for Bitcoin NFTs, while platform has made minting and buying Ordinals easier. Yuga Labs recently released its own Bitcoin NFT collection called TwelveFold, which generated $16.5 million from its auction.

A Milady from the Dogefather: Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted a meme featuring a Milady NFT, causing the floor price of the wide-eyed avatars to soar on OpenSea. The project, which has seen a resurgence amongst the NFT community for several weeks, saw its floor price briefly hit an all-time high of 7.3 ETH (approximately $13,700) before dipping back down to about 4.25 ETH as of writing.

  • Pumping power: Historically, when Musk tweets about a crypto project, that project sees a temporary spike in value. He’s long been a vocal advocate for Dogecoin, which surged after he briefly replaced Twitter’s logo with the Shiba Inu mascot. The coin dropped back down once he restored Twitter’s blue bird.

Crypto women supporting women: Digital asset custodian Aegis Custody is offering 6 months of free services to crypto companies founded or led by women. Serra Wei, CEO and founder of Aegis Custody, told CoinDesk that she was inspired to provide end-to-end custody and security services to other women after reflecting on the challenges she faced when entering Web3.

Source: Coindesk

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