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Plateia v.0.11β – 9 SEPT 2023 Patch Release Notes

If you’ve been here from the start, you probably already know how Plateia started – that is me working for 48h straight on a website I didn’t even knew what it would be about, between August 16 and 18, of the year 2023.

I was shocked with the levels of creativity, excitement, passion, and even devtion hovering throughout that initial mini-sprint. The extremely positive feedback and pushes I got from fff, the community, and most likely you if you’re reading  this, made sticking to this site ever since, a joyful, I must admit, walk in the park.

Roughly 20 days in, and although I was mostly populating the model with drafts, my old publications, and some copy pasted content, yesterday, I got into that same focus zone again. I am already up for 36+ hours straight, and here’s everything that changed on Plateia.Online since the last time you visited it. 🥰

v.0.11b Patch Release Notes

I don’t know why it’s 0.11b alright? It’s a beta testing in production basically, fueled with a lot of coffee, cigarettes, memes, and Dota2 😏 *hence the patch notes reference.

I already had a couple of documents set up to help monitor, schedule, and resolve issues based on priority, as well as some rough ideas with the Google Certified Project Management hat I recently secured 💅- that helped me better shape the entire structure of the content model, focus on the right verticals with A-B testing, populate the website and get to see how different matrixes, grouping methods etc. have worked out. Finally, an untouched, yet pristine, monetization plan – or should I lit say “a dozen of revenue streams” await to be rolled out in a sequence – once the infra is layered out smoothly, and Plateia has found its perfect wind.

autoaccounts – it is now possible to register new accounts through the new /register form and instantly use them to log in without waiting for admin approoval. If you already had an account, you can still log in via the old form or via the new /login form.

profile system – a new immersive profile system is introduced in the form of a code salad, or a collage of plug-ins, modules, and snippets that work together to bring: cool MySpace-style user-profiles, that are fully customizable, and offer more perks like secured DMs, group chats, and a friend system.

nav bar – the main menu navigation bar sligthly altered for the sake of optimization. Now most elements under Plateia merged under Explore, while Plateia is more of a “company” stuff link repo. Also, once you’re loged in, a new option labeled “My Account” will appear on the right end of the nav bar, which in its own turn, comes with a bunch of relevant directories.


The new “My Account” nav bar element will appear once you’ve logged in. You can use it as a harbor to navigate your new profile functions.

active subdomains – experimenting with how to better leverage the domain / dns system, in order to save some browsing time, and frustrating reloads. A freshly baked subdomain, namely “” is actively redirecting users with relevant ranks to the backend-wp-dashboard section where you create a new post. If you’re logged in, and you have the privilige to create content, try it out already! More subdomains, and alt domains will be introduced to enhance and optimize the overall experience of the internet sessions you have with Plateia.

members – a brand new page to explore new profiles on the plaza, make friends, discuss, collaborate, and progress in unison. I suggest you add me as a friend before I become too big of a Plateia superstar. 😎🍹 You can directly access the members page via /members.

groups – pretty similar to the members page, groups are meant to make coversations fun, and more intuitive for the casual internet user. Groups feel like a healthy combination of a facebook feed, a reddit channel, and a twitter community. You can access them via /groups, or join the public Plateia group by simply tapping on the Plateia nav element.

playlists – as a new type of content were intensively investigated, and AB tested with direct server uploads, Sonarr Media Player, and embeds from casual playlist hosts like Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube.

curated pages – rich cherry-picked content is coming across a plethora of new pages that revolve around a specific topic. For example, check /tunes, a page dedicated to all things music, production, music nfts, releases, artist interviews, playlists, and more. Relevant dedicated pages are expected for more domains.

plateia tunes

More pages like the /tunes page dedicated to all things music are coming soon on Plateia.

categories – are being reworked in real-time, aiming to broaden balance with their respective tags, and overal content strategy. Most pop categories have fixed SEO, metadata, and internal visual elements, and it is expected that all categories will be self-sustainable over time.

metadata – other optimization techniques have fallen in line with metadata sections across the platform. From snippets and meta descriptions, to keywords, and SEO, a lot of new tools and practices make it easier to post high quality, good ranking content. YoastSEO, Google Site Kit, BuddyPress, GamiPress, Head & Footer Code, Hide Admin Bar Settings, WPS Hide Login, are some of the plug ins that hodl the door against bad internet experiences.

Runner ups

To be fair, during this session alone, I have spent a good chunck of the allocated time on trying to figure out how to embed NFTs in WP. OpenSea documentation sucks, it is outdated, and their github repo does not represent their current embed and API architecture. For that reason, almost every plug-in I tried who somewhat relied on OS GH failed to deliver. Same for Indian YT tutorials, and relevant “service providers”. I had 0xAcid take a dive as well without any luck on that regard.

This is a core thing I want to be able to showcase on our Internet Plaza, as it will pave the way for more content creators, even the shy or the silent kind, to feel encouraged to share curated NFT lists, similar to Music Playlists, without necessarily writing a PH.D Thesis desperatly elaborating on their take.

I also haven’t even started thinking about socials, yet logic dictates I should. At least Twitter and LinkedIn for now, maybe with RSS and autoposts everytime we publish something.

Last but not least, I still haven’t fine tuned /docs, /links, and an updated /statement.

That’s far from the end

Still, even if all the above are resolved, there are like 50 points on my heatmap that have to be patched up yesterday, plus we haven’t even touched the content strategy, monetization, and comms fronts respectively.

With that being said, I’d really love your feedback on all that so far, highly appreciated as always. <3 Just create an account, join some group, or create your own cult and invite us. I understand that you can’t test the entire website, although any area you cover would be of high value already, when it comes to resource allocation, optimization, etc.

If you need a creators account (where you are able to submit, post, or edit), hit me in DM via my profile section and I’ll hook you up. Othewise, the old /apply form works as fine.


explore the new /members page to connect with fellow internet enthusiasts.

I cannot wait to see Plateia go crazy with posts, memes, music, videos, debates, philosophical and bioethical discussions, software and hardware reviews, education, skills, and resources sharing and more. But that’s just me. Plateia is not me. It’s a plaza. An internet plaza, public and open to anyone who wants to chill, vibe, communicate, collaborate, support, and in general shapeshift physical and digital reality as we know it.

Your biz-e-bwoi @rosspeili


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