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“agent00all” NFT Music Recap 2019-2023

agent00all is a fictional character working as a contractor for S.E.P.A (Shanghai Electronic Payments Authority). His job is to visit a plethora of geolocations at different timestamps and explore in-depth what could have caused the global financial crisis of 2036 that impacted 1999.

Music specimens published under this moniker serve as BGM material that depicts the agent’s endeavors under various circumstances.

agent00all first appears in “The Future Sound of Gangnam” a compilation that served as BGM for Cryptovoxels, released by Ogrish Music in 2019.

His personal debut release appears in 2022 on AsyncArt in the form of a generative audio drop, featuring 444 randomly generated loops, including 16 “Legendaries” that collectively make up the “hidden album” among the generative noise. The release entitled “Victims of The Global Financial Crisis (2036-1999)” sets the background intro for agent00all and his multi-dimensional action-oriented fiction stories to come up.

2 singles were released afterward, one in late 2022, and one in early 2023 respectively, rewarding VICTIM NFT holders with unique audiovisual short imagination sparkers, namely “Redoran Jungle”, and “Basic VR Club BGM”, both published via the official agent00all manifold contract.

agent00all collectors might be a packed group, but you can spot some prominent industry figures among holders, such as Mighty33, Connie Digital, and basseado among other Music NFT OGs, as well as web3 founders like Conlan from AsyncArt, and Rory from HitPiece.

The μαζί metaθάνατον debut by agent00all. This collection describes how it would be to find your self in God’s realm using a 4-tracker sonic medium.

Prior to NFTs, the artist behind the intriguing alias, Vladimiros Peilivanidis has been releasing music on labels of the likes of Lobster Theremin, Clone Record’s spinoff Frustrated Funk, and Alek Stark’s Fundamental Records, to mention a few, under various monikers  (ITPDWIPSSRITvarj Cna,…) Over time, his sound has been described as sci-fi, uniquely vague, and blissful.

To listen to all agent00all tracks as well as other @rosspeili monikers, visit

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