Everyone is trying to create a Twitter or TikTok clone these days as if these were the best sole options we have to hang online. It might be hard to explain to a Gen-Z what’s better, but there was a time when chatrooms felt like a schoolyard, or your local community’s plaza or park. I am talking about the MSN/mIRC and later on the MySpace era, where you lit knew everyone online, and if you didn’t you had the chance to meet them IRL.

That was my main inspiration for ΠΛΑΤΕΙΑ.Online, which is essentially an internet plaza.

We all browse the internet on a daily basis, whether it’s for work, education, entertainment, or recreational purposes. In 2023, it is wise to be able to create your own website, or as Greeks would say “μάθε τέχνη και άσε την, και αν πεινάσεις πιάσε την” – which ruffly translates to “learn a craft and leave it aside, and if you’re hungry, leverage it”.

Most of you would think it’s a complex, hard, technical procedure that not everyone can handle, but that is simply far from the truth. It’s the same as writing. You don’t need to write a best seller out of the gate, but you start writing from an early age, eg. an assignment for school.

Same with a website, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or create the next Instagram on your first try. However, learning how to deploy even the most basic website will be only beneficial to you in the long run, for countless obvious reasons. After all, you’re an internet user. You should be in a position to contribute to it on your own terms.

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